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Extremely important essay form that lays the groundwork for persuading others to see your side. Students will be asked to write this essay type (also known as a persuasive essay) from grade school through college, and definitely on standardized tests. Beyond school, much of a career can be spent debating points to persuade your peers, coworkers, colleagues, customers, vendors, constituents, etc. Which is why the skill is important enough to be tested nationwide. Great for school, these 6 laminated reference pages can last to support the process of persuasion for a lifetime.
6-page laminated guide includes:

  • Understanding Argument & the Writing process
    • Logic in Argument
    • Six Evidences of a Good Argument
    • Types of Arguments
    • What an Argument Requires
    • Arguable Issues
    • Reading Argumentative Materials
    • Writing Your Own Argument
    • Critical Thinking Prompts
    • Purpose & Parts of an Argument
    • Types of Claims
    • Types of Evidence
    • Types of Fallacies
    • Questions for Reading/Writing an Argument
  • Writing the Argumentative Essay
    • Understanding the Audience
    • Research
    • Model Essay Outline
    • Sample Essay


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