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Essential reference to facts of U.S. black history including key events arranged in a succinct yet comprehensive timeline. Covering a broad scope of time includes so much that it will inspire you to research beyond the guide when you find history that you’ve never known before. Offering easy reference to significant struggles, accomplishments, turning points, people, politics and places that were crucial in the battle for freedom, civil rights and equality from the time of the Civil War to 2021. Arranged by bold dates in color coded sections this 6-page laminated guide will help any reader get the facts they need to know. A high value for a small price with more facts per page than any book or website.

6 page laminated reference guide includes:

  • War 1861–1865
  • Reconstruction & Beyond 1865–1899
  • New Century, Old Ways 1900–1910
  • War in Europe, War at Home 1911–1921
  • The 1920s Don’t “Roar” for Everyone 1921–1930
  • Depression & Hope 1932–1940
  • Another War—A Separate Peace 1941–1950
  • Fighting for Civil Rights 1951–1960
  • Civil Rights, Vietnam & The 1960s 1961–1970
  • The Beginnings of a New America 1971–1980
  • A Decade of Firsts 1981–1990
  • Approaching the New Millennium 1991–2000
  • The 21st Century 2001–2021


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  • Author(s): David Head, PhD
  • Publication Date: 05/01/2021

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