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Businesses of all sizes rely on research every day to inform decisions, strategic plans, and operations. The tried-and-true methods and sources of research, from trusted periodicals and databases to personal interviews and face-to-face focus groups, have served the business community well for many years in delivering the information organizations need. However, over the last decade, Big Data, digital tools, and associated analytical services have burst onto the scene, changing the game for everyone playing. As both traditional and more modern methods have their merits, this6 page laminated guide aims to compile trusted approaches, available resources, and helpful tip sin conducting business research for any organization.

  • Why Analyze Data?
  • Business Research Types
  • Useful Business Research Sites
  • Research Information on Future Trends
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Sample Focus Group Moderator Guide
  • Definitions & Language
  • Online Focus Groups: Pros & Cons
  • The World of Passive Data & Analytics
  • Social Media
  • The Future of Business Research


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