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Increase your score on the GRE with a tool that is easy to review and less expensive than any other study aid. Whether taking the exam while in college, after your undergrad, or with some time in-between, a 6-page laminated guide can go anywhere for review of concepts you will learn in exam prep courses or through test-taking books. This thorough and slick breakdown of the mathematical and reasoning concepts for conquering this section of the test is so handy and concise that you can review anywhere in record time. 6-page laminated guide includes: Exam Overview Arithmetic Integers, Exponents, Order of Operations Scientific Notation Adding Radicals Fractions, Percents, Absolute Value Rounding Numbers, Proportions & Ratios Distance, Speed & Time Averages Algebra Solving Algebraic Equations Binomials & Trinomials Geometry Angles, Points, Lines Shapes Areas & Perimeters Volumes & Surface Area Data Interpretation Graphs, Standard Deviation Probability Independent vs. Dependent Variables Mean, Median, Mode & Range Word Problems Measurement ScoringSuggested uses: Review Anywhere exam prep books are huge, with much space used for sample questions, this guide focuses on how to answer keep in your bag or car to review any place, any time The Whole Picture with 6 pages, it is easy to jump to one section or another to go straight to the core of the concept you need for answering questions Last Review many people use our guides as a last review before they enter an exam


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  • Publication Date: 05/01/2017

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