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Medical students and professionals at any level, seeking any degree, certification, or with any job title, agree that this best-seller is an incredibly useful tool. Nurses, medical coders and administrators say it is a must-have to do a quick lookup or to intensely study for an exam. Finding an answer is as easy as turning one page of this 6 page laminated guide that was expertly organized by our author and designers for quick reference that is faster than the internet. Abbreviations and acronyms covered in this guide: Weights & Measurements Drugs Formulations Administration References Standards & Regulations Diagnostic Testing Professional Designations Managed Care Agencies & Organizations Health Assessment Specialized Areas & Facilities Locations & Directions Body Systems Blood System Cardiovascular System Endocrine System Female Reproductive System Gastrointestinal System Integumentary System Lymphatic/Immune System Muscular System Male Reproductive System Nervous System Respiratory System Skeletal System Special Senses: Eye/Ear Urinary System


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  • Format: Fold Out - Laminated
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  • Author(s): Corinne Linton
  • Publication Date: 06/19/2002

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