QuickStudy | Nursing 101: Inspirational Quotes & Stories Laminated Reference Guide




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We know that nursing is one of the most challenging careers physically and emotionally. That’s why we developed this guide to give nurses and nursing students on-the-go support and inspiration. Chock full of famous (and not-so-famous) nurse’s stories or quotes that can strengthen resolve to make it through the next shift and inspire for tough days. Sharing with others can also give colleagues a boost when they least expect it. As a personal or management tool, add this durable guide to your toolbox. It can easily be tucked away at the nurses station or on a clipboard for quick reference. 

6-page laminated guide includes:

  • History
  • Careers & Pay
  • Midwife Pioneers
  • Praise for Nurses
  • Life-Changing Decisions
  • Despite Being Overlooked
  • Treating Mental Health Issues
  • Aiding U.S. Civil War Efforts
  • When Illness Confronts You
  • Setting Nursing Standards
  • Fighting for Rights
  • International Icons in Public Health
  • 20th– Century Battle Smarts
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Exploring Metaphysics
  • Agony Turns to Art
  • Interesting Nursing Stats
  • Nursing Recognition Dates


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  • Author(s): Wendy Meyeroff
  • Publication Date: 05/17/2018

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