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Essential reference and test prep for the strategic management college course for students, and a great tool for business professionals. This handy six page laminated reference is perfect for students and a must-have for anyone striving for success in business. Quickly reference the concepts, terms, and principles of a sound business strategy for communication in and across teams or for personal business planning and development. Author, professor and business consultant Dr. Kyle Allison uses his multi-faceted knowledge and experience from teaching and consulting to give you succinct need-to-know facts in our famous QuickStudy format that offers more answers per page than any other source. Color coded sections bulleted for easy access are developed to see the whole scope of how the pieces fit together for a price that cannot be beat for the knowledge gained. Adopt this tool for your students, or add it to your business team toolbox. 

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • What is Strategy?
    • Pillars of Strategy
    • Plan vs. Strategy
    • Definitions
    • Business Strategy Types
  • Strategic Thinking
    • Advantages
  • Strategic Vision
    • Steps
    • Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs)
    • Strategic Visionaries
  • Strategic Planning
    • The Environment
      • Defining an Industry
      • Remote (Macro) Environmental Factors
      • Task (Immediate, Operating) Environmental Factors
    • Internal Strategic Analysis
      • Departments & Factors of Analysis
      • Match of Strategy & Structure
      • Resource-Based Analysis
      • Types
      • Factors
      • Corporate Level: Portfolio Analysis
      • PESTEL Analysis
      • Porter’s Five Forces
      • Financial Analysis
    • External Analysis
  • Trade-Offs & Decision-Making
    • Trade-Offs
    • Decision Making
      • Managerial
      • Data Driven
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
    • Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean
  • Strategy Implementation
    • Types
      • Structural
      • Organizational Leadership
      • Functional
    • Methods
    • Challenges
  • Strategy Evaluation
    • Foundation
      • Quantitative Criteria
      • Stage Criteria
    • Performance Metrics


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  • Author(s): Dr. Kyle Allison
  • Publication Date: 5/22/23

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