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Get better grades using proven tactics of the most successful students. Learning so many subjects can be so much easier when taught how to study. This quick and easy 6 page laminated reference to those tactics can help reinforce with every review. Follow the guide and practice, practice, practice the tactics until they are habit. Harness the power of routine, build self-discipline, develop time management skills and success will follow. Practice will be easier with this guide as a roadmap. Once these skills are habit, you will know the road to success like the back of your hand.

6-page laminated guide includes:

  • Start Positive, End Positive
  • Study Habits in Class
  • Reading at Home
  • Studying for Specific Subjects
  • Daily & Weekly Reviews
  • Discipline & Organization in Planning
  • Motivation
  • Power Breaks
  • Study Aids
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Collaborate: Bring Together Great Minds
  • Committing Knowledge to Long Term Memory
  • Study Environment
  • Final Review
  • Why You Should Never Cram
  • Before the Big Day
  • Test Day: Time to Shine
  • Test-Taking Tips

Suggested uses:

  • Parents – Get this guide early and know how to help your child study from a young age to make your, and their, lives easier and ultimately more successful
  • Students – Keep this guide for reviewing regularly until these tactics become habit, then still review the guide for future support
  • Educators & Administrators – Consider buying in bulk as a handout to students to promote healthy study habits, boost test scores, grades and student success rates


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  • Publication Date: 05/01/2017

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