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Premier study tool for those merely seeking an elective credit for the course – more importantly an incredibly well written guide that is pouring over with facts so entirely that it reads like an ode to the theater covering it’s importance in society and human creativity. With history, the types of theater, companies and popular plays this is an all-encompassing portrait of theater and why it has been appreciated for thousands of years.

6-page laminated guide includes:

  • What is Theater?
  • Historical Background
    • Origins in Prehistory & Earliest Civilizations
    • Festival Theater
    • Greek Tragedies & Comedies (6th-5th Century BCE)
    • Medieval Festival Theater (900-1560 CE)
    • Late Medieval & Early Renaissance: Northern Europe (ca. 1400-1570)
    • Earliest Professional Dramatists: For Gain & Profit
    • Hellenistic Greek & Roman Empire (4th Century BCE-549 CE)
    • Renaissance Theater
    • Restoration Dramas (1660-1700)
    • Romanticism (Early 1800s)
    • Early American Theaters (1800s)
  • Modern Theater
    • Global Diversity
    • Basic Parts of a Modern Theater Building
    • Putting on a Play: A Creative Collaboration
  • Types of Modern Theatrical Companies
  • Popular Plays

Suggested uses:

  • Elective Students – no better source for quick easy access to the essentials as a review and reference that can back up your studies and boost your grade
  • Theater Students – essential details at a glance in a format you can take anywhere, know your craft inside
  • Theater Lovers – expand your knowledge of theater to appreciate and enjoy the experience even more


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