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Essentials of writing and the writing process in the English language arts to support early learning and the development of a strong foundation for speaking and writing – throughout school and beyond. This expertly organized overview of the most important skills for writing, with details broken down in short concise explanations along with examples, will give your student a place to go for support when they are stuck, have writers block, and need answers quickly. Reviewing this guide while writing can solidify concepts to memory and eliminate errors that could otherwise last a lifetime. Don’t pass up this colorfully organized, durably laminated, inexpensive, 6 page tool for school and homework that will strengthen writing skills and boost confidence, test scores, and grades. 

6 page laminate guide includes:

  • The Writing Process 
  • Prewriting
    • Preliminary Writing Tasks 
    • Topic Selection Tasks 
      • Brainstorm
      • Freewrite
    • Idea Organization Tasks 
      • Create Outlines 
      • Graphic Organizers 
  • Drafting
    • As You Begin 
    • Types of Essays 
    • Anatomy of An Essay – Includes Example Writings for:
      • Thesis
      • Introduction
      • Body Paragraphs 
      • Conclusion
      • Transitions
    • Drafting Tasks 
  • Editing
    • Editing Tasks
    • Editing Marks
  • Revising
    • Content Revising Tasks 
    • Sentence Revising Tasks 
    • Tips for Successful Revision
  • Publishing
    • Publishing Tasks 
    • EXAMPLE Essay
  • Tips for Improving Your Writing
    • Example Writing Excerpts with Improved Writing Style Versions
    • Plus Two Full Example Student Essays 
      • Original Essay Example
      • Improved Essay Example


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