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Earth has changed much over history, some periods faster than others due to many factors that humans did not observe. In today’s high-tech landscape and with ground-breaking processes for measuring the natural world around us (plus the world of the past) we now know more than we ever have about our planet. Essentials of that science are jam packed into this 6 page laminated reference guide that focuses on the facts succinctly and in an easy to read format organized with color coded sections and illustrations. More facts for your money than any other source, this tool can support a student’s study of science at any grade level but also anyone interested in our home planet. 

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Key Terms in Climate Change
  • Defining Climate Change
    • Global Warming vs. Climate Change 
    • Causes of Climate Change 
    • Why Are We Concerned? 
    • The World Acts 
    • Paris Agreement (2015) 
    • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Effects on Environmental Ecosystems
    • Water
    • Hurricanes/tropical cyclones
    • Ice/snow 
    • Wetlands/estuarine impact 
    • Changes in sea level 
    • Land
    • Changes in growing seasons 
    • Permafrost
    • Changes in Precipitation Patterns
    • Wildfires
    • Land degradation 
    • Atmosphere
    • Air pollution 
    • Wild weather 
    • Patterns of atmospheric temperature change 
    • Greenhouse Effect 
  • Climate Change and Life on Earth
    • Effects on Humans 
    • Allergies
    • Pests
    • Food Insecurity 
    • Access to Fresh Water 
    • Recreation
    • Migration and Extinction 
  • Climate Change in the Past


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  • Publication Date: 4/28/2022

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