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Mastering verbs is the key to romance languages like Italian. This quick reference 6-page laminated guide offers easy-to-read tables of conjugations for 15 verb tenses and moods that also highlight the four patterns of the irregular forms. Endings or changes to the root word are bolded for quick reference and the twenty-four key-example verbs and their meanings are included. Using the example conjugations, this guide becomes a powerful key to unlocking Italian for communication and, of course, for better grades. More handy than an internet search, the answers you need are inexpensive, printed and laminated making indestructible pages you can quickly check while studying. Our Italian expert, author, professor and translator SallyAnn DelVino developed this guide as a perfect companion to her QuickStudy Italian Verbs guide, so get both for exemplary support of your studies for school or that upcoming trip to Italy.

6 page laminated reference guide includes:

  • Conjugation Basics
  • Verb Tenses & Moods
  • Subject Pronouns
  • Regular -ARE
    • Parlare: To speak
  • Regular -ERE
    • Vendere: To sell
  • Regular -IRE
    • Type 1–Dormire: To sleep
    • Type 2–Capire: To understand
  • Compound Tenses with Essere
    • Arrivare: To arrive
    • Divertirsi: To have fun
  • Conjugation of si impersonale
    • Simple Tenses
    • Compound Tenses
  • Verb Conjugations
    • Andare: To go
    • Avere: To have
    • Chiedere: To ask
    • Conoscere: To know
    • Dare: To give
    • Decidere: To decide
    • Dire: To say, to tell
    • Dovere: To have to
    • Essere: To be
    • Fare: To do
    • Leggere: To read
    • Mettere: To put or to place
    • Potere: To be able to
    • Prendere: To take
    • Rimanere: To remain
    • Sapere: To know
    • Scegliere: To choose
    • Scrivere: To write
    • Stare: To be, to stay
    • Supporre: To suppose
    • Uscire: To go out
    • Vedere: To see
    • Venire: To come
    • Vivere: To live
    • Volere: To want


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  • Publication Date: 07/01/21

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