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Essential core elements of mathematics to support early learning continued development, and as a reference to review during and after building a strong foundation. Seeing a broad overview and how the details make the math possible in just 6 pages can melt away some math phobia and will strengthen skills and grades. Written and tested in a classroom over many years, two teachers came to us with this reference they used with their students. A math textbook authoring group then expanded the series. With experts in the classroom and in textbooks developing the content, don’t pass up this 6-page laminated, inexpensive tool with the power to support the core areas of math students struggle with. Check other titles in the 5-guide series for the areas of support most needed.  

This 6-page laminated guide includes:

  • Ways to Collect Data
  • Populations & Samples
  • Types of Samples
    • Random Sample
    • Convenience Sample
    • Systematic Sample
    • Cluster Sample
    • Stratified Sample
    • Volunteer Sample
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Spread
    • Range
    • Interquartile Range (IQR)
  • When to use Measures of Center & Spread
    • Symmetric Distribution (also called Normal Distribution)
    • Negatively Skewed Distribution (also called Left Skewed Distribution)
    • Positively Skewed Distribution (also called Right Skewed Distribution)
  • Interpretation of Graphs
    • Ways to Prevent Misinterpretation of Graphs
  • Graphing Data
    • Checklist for Making Graphs
  • Data Displays
    • Pictograph, Frequency Table, Tally Marks
    • Bar Graph, Double & Multiple Bar Graphs 
    • Stacked Bar Graph 
    • Two-Way Frequency & Relative Frequency Table
    • Circle Graph (also called Pie Chart) & Steps to Make Circle Graph
    • Scatter Plot & Steps to Make a Scatter Plot
    • Box-and-Whisker Plot & Steps to Make a Box-and-Whisker Plot
    • Histogram & Steps to Make a Histogram
    • Distributions in Histograms
    • Line Graph & Line Plot
    • Stem-and-Leaf Plot
    • Multiple Line Graph 
    • Double Stem-and-Leaf Plot
  • Interpreting Statistics
    • Interpolation / Extrapolation
    • Normal Distribution
    • Venn Diagram
    • To determine if a set of data has any outliers: 
      • Matrix
      • Disjoint Sets
      • Interpreting the Venn Diagram
  • Probability


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