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Essential features and settings for Windows 11 that will optimize your system with guidance for managing and securing your computer for business as well as family. In this colorfully organized and succinct six page laminated guide, whether you are a beginner or experienced user, learn about new features or discover and use functions for the first time to get the most out of your computer and your time. Author, professor and expert in computer science Katie Gatto teaches advanced courses in software and programming including operating system development. Her succinct coverage within the famous QuickStudy format covers more actions to improve your Windows workspace per page than any book or website. Add this handy desktop tool for home, school or business.

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Introduction – New Design 
  • Widgets
    • Access the Widget Panel 
    • Customize Widgets 
    • Move, Hide, Add a Widget
  • Snap Layouts 
    • Snap Layout Options
    • Access Snap Layouts
  • Updates to Settings 
  • Focus Sessions 
  • Teams Integration 
  • Multiple Desktops
    • Access Desktops 
    • Switch Individual Desktop Backgrounds 
    • Delete a Desktop
    • Show the Same App across Multiple Desktops 
  • Account Settings   
    • Microsoft Account vs. Local Accounts 
    • Sign Up for a Microsoft Account 
    • Sign In with an Existing Microsoft Account 
    • Sign In with a Local Account
  • Accessibility Settings
    • Vision, Hearing, Mobility Settings 
    • Neurodiversity & Learning Settings 
  • Cortana
    • Turn On Voice Activation for Cortana 
    • Pin Cortana to the Taskbar 
  • Programs and Apps 
    • How to Install Apps from the Microsoft Store
    • Pin the Microsoft Store to the Taskbar 
    • Update Apps with the Microsoft Store
    • Uninstall Apps from the Microsoft Store
  • Customization
    • Set Up a Desktop Slideshow
    • Choose a Windows Theme 
    • Customize Fonts 
    • Customize the Taskbar 
    • Customize the Start Menu 
  • System Updates
  • Security
    • Smart App Control 
    • Personal Data Encryption 
  • Sign Out
  • New Shortcuts in Windows 11


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  • Publication Date: 5/22/23

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