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Handy go-to guide for anyone interested in healthier alternatives to a largely animal-based diet and an essential tool for planning a nutritious, balanced plant-based diet with or without meat. Tables break down the nutrients gained through eating specific plant-based foods and the 6 laminated pages offer details so you can build your diet however you like incorporating the right amount of nutrients and protein for your lifestyle. Guidance for the physical and mental transition to more plant-based foods addresses attitude during transition, protein without meat, alternatives when eating out and more. With more valuable facts in one place than any internet website and designed for quick access to the facts, for this low price you cannot go wrong purchasing this guide to improved health.

6 page laminated reference guide includes:

  • 10 Steps to Easing into a PBWF Diet
  • Advantages of a Plant-Based/Whole Food Diet
  • Meeting Nutritional Requirements on a PBWF Diet
  • Nutritional Requirements
  • Table of Essential Nutrients, Sources & Amounts
  • Nutritional Facts for Specific Foods
    • Tables for the Following Food Include: Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbs, Sodium & Dietary Fiber
    • Grains
    • Nuts/Seeds
    • Legumes
    • Soy Products
    • Raw Vegetables
    • Raw Fruits
    • Dairy/Eggs
  • Meat, Dairy & Egg Substitutes
  • Food Storage
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Buy Organic or Not?
  • Special Needs & the Plant-Based/Whole Food Diet
    • PBWF Diet for Kids
    • PBWF Diet for Weight Loss
    • PBWF Diet for Athletes
    • PBWF Diet on a Budget
  • Meal Ideas – What to Eat?
  • Making Good Choices When Eating Out
  • Baking on a Plant-Based/Whole Food Diet


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  • Pages: 6
  • Author(s): Kathleen Grathwol
  • Publication Date: 05/01/2021

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