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Essential 6 page laminated quick reference to secured transactions, designed for students of law and those already practicing to see the significance of the details within the larger scheme of the law. Reviewers say this is a must-have for class as well as the Bar Exam with sub-parts being clear, concise and consolidated in a way that sheds light on the big picture. BarCharts, Inc was founded on our law guides created by the owner as a daily refresher and exam review, because with so much to retain in law school and beyond this guide is the quick reference you need at an unmatched value.

6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Scope of Article 9
    • Consignment, Leases & Pledges
    • Terminology & Definitions
  • Procedures for Creating a Security Interest
    • Classification of Collateral
    • Creating a Security Interest
  • Perfection
    • Purpose
    • Effect of Perfection
    • Means of Perfection
    • Tools for Perfection: Financing statement
    • Perfection by Filing a Financing Statement [9-310]
    • Effectiveness of Filing a Financing Statement
    • Time & Duration of Filing a Financing Statement
    • Place of Perfection in Multi-State Transactions
    • Termination of Perfection
    • Perfection by Possession or Control (No Financing Statement)
    • Perfection by Possession
    • Perfection by Control
    • Automatic Perfection
    • Perfection of Goods Covered by a Certificate of Title
    • Perfection of Rights to Proceeds
  • Rules of Priority
    • Basic Rule of Priority
    • Secured Parties vs Statutory Lien Holders: Basic Rule of Priority
    • Secured Parties vs Judicial Lien Creditors: Basic Rule of Priority
    • Special Priority Rules for Fixtures
    • Special Rules for PMSI Priority
    • Special Priority Rules for Buyers of Goods in Ordinary Course of Business [9-320]
    • Special Priority Rules for Accessions
    • Special Priority Rules Regarding Bankruptcy
  • Default
  • Repossession, Right to Redeem & Foreclosure


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  • Author(s): Debra Vollweiler (Debra Curtis)
  • Publication Date: 05/01/19

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